Censorship in the European Parliament

On April 4 and 6, 2016, Fundacja RENESANS. BY sent letters to the members of the European Parliament via the Courier service of the European Parliament (Courrière officiel). There were total of 114 letters sent, where the members of the European Parliament were invited to support the European citizens' initiative called “Investigate the Visa Fraud in Belarus”.
The representative of the Courier service provided verbal assurances that letters are delivered to the deputies’ offices the same day. In the following days, the President of Fundacja RENESANS. BY made phone calls to the offices of nearly half of the MEPs who were the addressees of those letters. But in none of them the delivery of the letter from Fundacja RENESANS.BY was confirmed.
Besides that, the emails sent to the MEPs’ email addresses with @europarl.europa.eu domain name are not delivered to the addressees. This may be caused by a filter set up for the mailboxes of this domain.

So it means that there is a censor who decides what information is appropriate for reception by the members of the European Parliament and what information is not.
In connection with the above events, Fundacja RENESANS.BY is going to organise a protest action.

Fundacja RENESANS.BY asks the Members of the European Parliament whose names are present in the list of addressees, to take measures to find out the reasons why the letters have not been delivered. The confirmation of receipt (Accuse de reception) was signed by a representative of the Courier service (Courrière officiel) of the European Parliament - "Fred 12:25" on 04.04.2016 and "Schillaci M. 15:25" on 06.04.2016. The sender is Fundacja “RENESANS. BY”.

May 24, 2016 Incident

On May 24, 2016, Fundacja RENESANS.BY sent 134 additional letters to the Members of the European Parliament via the Courrière officiel service of the European Parliament. These letters raised the issue of the crimes committed in Belarus by the European side.
A representative of the Courrière officiel on a phone call with the Chairman of Fundacja RENESANS.BY assured that he had placed all of the letters in the mailboxes of the MEPs. However, over the course of the next few days, phone calls to the Members of the European Parliament revealed that the letters from Fundacja RENESANS.BY had been received by less than 20% of the offices. Does it mean that someone steals the letters from the mailboxes of the Members of the European Parliament?

Fundacja RENESANS.BY expresses its regret in connection with the shameful phenomenon of censorship in the European Parliament. Our side will achieve holding the investigation of the aforementioned incidents.