Corruption in the legal system of Belgium

On 24 December 2015, the President of Fundacja RENESANS.BY submitted an appeal about the Schengen visa fraud to the Police of Brussels. Police officer explained that this appeal would be considered by the Juridical Department of Police and will be further submitted to Europol for investigation.

In January 2017, the Crown Prosecutor sent a letter stating that the case is closed because of impossibility to hold investigation. This way, the appeal about Schengen visa fraud was not sent to Europol. During the year while the case was being considered by the Belgian authorities, only one new document was added to it. It is presented below on this page. It would take just 10 minutes to compose such document.

In the opinion of the Renaissance movement, this circumstance proves that the legal system of Belgium is corrupt. The Belgian auhorities purposedly wasted time and did not submit the documents to Europol to avoid holding investigation of the crime. By these actions they are trying to hide a dangerous crime.